Our Products

At Island Delight, we adopt a very diligent approach when it comes to producing the finest Jamaican patties. This is because we strive on providing authenticity. To reinforce this value of ours, our recipes today have been tried and tested over two generations. Therefore, ensuring Jamaican influence is at the core.

Island Delight embodies the Jamaican spirit of sharing and shouting about being proud of our belonging. Each of our products either display the Jamaican flag or are vibrant with the Jamaican colours. This helps indicate what you’d expect to find in our products: fine ingredients and spices.

Fact: our entire range of Jamaican patties contains Scotch Bonnet Chilli. We’re serious about bringing Caribbean flavour to the UK.

Patties On The Go Or Frozen For Later

Our patties are ideal for various hungers, whether that be for a light snack, lunch or to be accompanied with a side for a more filling dinner. Isn’t it convenient that Island Delight’s products can be purchased as singles but also as a multipack? You can purchase our frozen multipacks so you can share with friends and family, or simply to be kept frozen. So, you can always prepare yourself for when that pattie craving strikes. We believe our Island Delight products are a great choice for a wide range of occasions.

Island Delight’s Commitment To Spreading Jamaican Flavour

We offer a wide selection of Jamaican patties. This includes vegan and halal options, therefore, catering for a wider audience. Additionally this supports our sharing attitude and our responsibility of sharing Jamaican flavour. Furthermore, we have a delicious range of ready meals in case you are looking to be filled up with all that good Jamaican food.

Take a look at our wide selection of products and have a taste of the staple food of Jamaica!