Our Products

At Island Delight, we are entirely committed to this sharing attitude, as evidenced by the design of our products. Our snack patties are ideal for a freshening up a sharing platter or if you’re planning a Caribbean-themed menu. Additionally, our most popular flavours are Jerk Beef and Jerk Chicken. Available as snack patties, you can bring the classic taste of Jamaica to your sharing platter.

Patties On The Go Or Frozen For Later

When it comes to eating our snack patties on the go, the hint is also in the name. Our patties are a wonderful choice for on-the-go snacking or anytime hunger strikes. Additionally, the frozen range of patties are also a great choice for those looking to keep their snacks for a later date. They are a traditional Jamaican street food reinterpreted for the UK market. With both of these sides of the market addressed, we believe our Island Delight products are a great choice for a wide range of various occasions.

Island Delight Products

We provide a wide selection of Jamaican patties, including vegan and halal options. Additionally, we have a great range of ready meals which include Indian influences in our curry flavours.. So have a look at our selection of products and place your order today.