Ready Meals

Each dish is served with its own light spicy sauce to keep it moist and flavourful. Additionally, they’re all packaged in our brightly coloured packaging with our easily recognisable logo. Every ready meal is made using Jamaican recipes and our curry ready meals are Indian inspired. In addition, all ready meals also contain naturally wood-smoked meat to ensure the best flavour and quality. They’re ideal for Caribbean food lovers who demand quality and authenticity. As well as, those who want to experience something new.

Island Delight Curry Ready Meals

We have a choice of Indian-inspired Asian style patties at Island Delight too. Our own Jamaican-spiced Curried Lamb Pattie, which will appeal to a more conventional curry enthusiast. However, our Mutton Curry ready meal, celebrates those typical Indian spicy flavours. Additionally, we have our sweet potato and mixed vegetable curry. Both curries are cooked using traditional herbs and spices served with long grain rice.

Indian And Jamaican Spices With A British Twist

There are over 9000 British-Indian restaurants in the UK. In addition, many other businesses, such as ours, add a dash of an Asian flavour inspiration in their menus. Therefore, providing our clients with a fusion of Indian flavours and classic Jamaican snack cuisine.

Each region of India, as well as neighbouring nations such as Bangladesh and Pakistan, has its own distinct flavours and spices that are used in curries. Consequently, the sheer variety ensures that there is a flavour for everyone. Curried foods in the UK are somewhat different from the typical South Asian flavours. This is because they’ve been given a British twist. Much like our patties, which deliver an Asian style spicing in every bite.