Ready Meals

We have expanded our Caribbean flavour with the addition of Jamaican-based curry’s and ready meals. As we focus on providing authentic Caribbean taste, we also consider the convenience of consumption. With our ready meals, you can sit back and relax whilst the oven cooks up the goodness for you. Our dishes are based on traditional, authentic Jamaican recipes.

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The serving of each dish comes with its own light spicy sauce to keep it moist and flavourful. Our range of meat ready meals contain naturally wood-smoked meat to ensure the best flavour and quality. They’re ideal for Caribbean food lovers who demand quality and authenticity as well as those who are experiencing their first taste of the Caribbean.


Each of our ready meals are packaged in our brightly coloured packaging with our easily recognisable logo. Spice rating- this is indicated with icons on the front of the packaging. So, if you’re feeling to test your tastebuds then go for our Jerk Chicken with rice. Alternatively, our Jamaican Stew Lamb could be the meal for you if you’re not a spice fanatic but prefer something a little milder. As always, Island Delight doesn’t leave out the vegetarians, producing the finest of meat-free Jamaican cuisine.