Welcome to the Island Delight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page! Whether you’re a long-time lover of our Jamaican patties or just discovering the vibrant tastes of the Caribbean through our products, we’re here to help answer all your queries.

What are Jamaican patties?

Thanks to the intense flavors, Jamaican patties, a staple food in the Caribbean, derive from the Cornish Pasty. The significant differences that make the Jamaican pattie so sought-after are its abundance of flavor, the importance of authenticity, and the quality of the pastry. The Jamaican pattie allows international countries to feel the taste and presence of the Caribbean.

The Jamaican pattie is a street food, a result of the value it proposes due to the profusion of flavour and natural ingredients, combined with an affordable price, allowing the pattie to be a reputable product in a regular diet.

Think samosa to the Asians, think pizza to the Italians, think pasty to the Cornish – and you have the Caribbean pattie. A savoury shortcrust pastry, filled with meat, fish or vegetables and a special blend of herbs and spices, the pattie is a staple food in the Caribbean diet.

What are Jamaican patties made out of?

Typically, a blend of spicy fillings and a mixture of vegetables go into the Jamaican pattie, which is then baked to capture the flavor, and accompanied by a generous amount of Scotch Bonnet chilli. The annatto and turmeric seasoning produces the unique color of the pattie. We’re serious about bringing the flavour. 

Island Delight sticks to the roots as to what made the Jamaican pattie the success it is today and ensures we promote the authenticity of the pattie. Island Delight has tried and tested its patties over generations, concentrating high flavor while packing the pastry with meat to validate the pattie’s protruding shape.

What are Jamaican beef patties called in Jamaica?

The title ‘pattie’ is universal; asking for a pattie in Jamaica or England would meet each person’s satisfaction with the same outcome.

What do you eat Jamaican patties with?

The most common combination and ‘go-to’ is the pattie and coco bread. A natural fit to accommodate the pattie, coco bread provides a pertinent home which facilitates the enjoyment of a larger consumption of the pattie. Patties don’t restrict to one combination; they can accompany a variety of complementary snacks and dishes, eliminating the need for an appetiser.

Roti is another respectful complement to the pattie, fitting of the Indian influence to the pattie. It doesn’t stop there; the Jamaican pattie can be consumed alone but is also known to be eaten with cheese or salad for those health-conscious eaters out there. Simply put, the Jamaican pattie is versatile, accommodating the various foodies.

Do you make vegan Jamaican patties?

We currently produce two vegan options to cater for the vegan community: Spicy vegetable (flaky pastry) and vegetable (shortcrust pastry). 

Where can I buy vegan Jamaican patties?

You can purchase vegan patties directly from us at our site located in Birmingham. Our team will be on hand to fulfil your demands, subject to availability, in a period of as little as a few minutes. 

Alternatively, you can purchase our vegan patties from well-known supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Iceland, Co-Op and Nisa local, along with other smaller stores. You can find your nearest store using our store locator.

What’s the difference between empanadas and patties?

Jamaican patties are always baked, while one can bake or fry empanadas. The origin of the two also differs, as the Pattie is from the Caribbean whereas the empanada originates from Europe, notably from Spain and Portugal. The size and fillings also differentiate the two; patties are larger, while empanadas are associated with being a light snack.

Are Jamaican patties typically baked or fried?

As aforementioned, one always bakes Jamaican patties. Adopting the baking method, making the pattie with care allows for the fusion of flavors. And yes, we follow this process, so rest assured, our patties will delight you!

How do you eat Jamaican patties?

Our patties are a ready-to-eat range but we recommend heating them up in the oven to obtain the best-tasting patties.

Are Jamaican patties spicy?

Jamaican patties are naturally high in flavour due to the rich ingredients that are present. It is no secret that spices are an imperative involvement for a wide range of pattie flavours so you can expect to feel the spice. We indicate the spice level for each of our patties on the packaging.

Can you bulk buy patties for an event?

Our patties can be bought chilled or frozen directly from us at our site in Birmingham. You can purchase these in volumes of 6, 12, or 24. Get in touch with either a call or fill in the “Get in touch’ form to see if we can deliver to you.

What is the difference between shortcrust and flaky pastry?

The difference between the two types of pastry is how much the pastry is made. Flaky pastry has the butter layered throughout the pastry forcing the layers apart when in the oven to give that flakiness. 

If I can’t find patties near me what do I do?

If you can’t find any of the patties near you, contact us by email at contact@cleone.co.uk

Are Island Delight products GM free?

All Island Delight patties are free from GM products, nut products, artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. Why? Because we believe in bringing our customers only the most natural and authentic patties – just as you would enjoy in the Caribbean.

Can I freeze Island Delight patties?

You can freeze Island Delight patties at home, but you should consume them within 24 hours of defrosting.

How do I heat Island Delight patties in the oven?

(Highly recommended for perfect pastry)

Remove all packaging before reheating.
Pre-heat oven to 200°C/ Gas 6 / Fan 180°C
Place pattie on a baking tray in the centre of an oven.
From chilled: cook for 16-18 minutes.
From frozen: cook for 24-28 minutes.
Rest for 1 minute. Check food is piping hot.

How do I heat Island Patties in the microwave?

(Microwaving may impair the pastry quality)

800 Watts / 1min- 1min 10 secs
From chilled place directly into the microwave.
Heat on FULL POWER for 1 minute- 1 minute 10 seconds. Rest for 1 minute.
Caution: Filling may be hot.
It is not advisable to reheat in a microwave from frozen.

How do I heat Island Patties in the air fryer?

From chilled:
Preheat air fryer to 180°C.
Remove all packaging. Place patties in the basket of the air fryer in a single layer.
Cook for 13 minutes.

From frozen:
Preheat air fryer to 160°C.
Remove all packaging. Place patties in the basket of the air fryer in a single layer.
Cook for 19 minutes.

Ensure product is piping hot throughout before serving

Can I eat Island Delight patties cold?

All of our Island Delight patties are ready-to-eat straight from the pack.

How many varieties are there?

With seven varieties to choose from, there is an Island Delight pattie to suit everyone. We care about our customers’ needs, so we offer halal chicken and halal lamb options, plus a Vegetarian Society approved vegetable pattie.

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