Plant Based Patties & Meals

At Island Delight, we endeavour to provide authentic Jamaican Patties using the finest of ingredients. Typically Jamaican patties are made with meat. However, at Island Delight, we want everyone to experience the flavour of the Caribbean. For this reason, a large portion of our product line, including our ready meals, features plant based, vegan and halal options.

Take a look at our wide selection of plant based products approved by the Vegetarian Society:

Many people have made the decision to switch to plant-based diets over the past ten years. There has been an increase in prepared meals that are vegan-friendly. Food that is good for the environment is more popular than ever. Therefore, it’s critical that it addresses all facets of food, from snacks to prepared dinners.

While plant based food is rising in demand, the market still remains relatively small. It can be difficult to persuade people who consume animal products that vegan food is available to everyone. However, it could be viewed as a counterargument to their go-to meals and snacks. As a food producer, we want to share Jamaican flavour with the world, even without the use of goods derived from animals.