Halal Branded Patties

Halal Island Delight- Consumer Consideration

Island Delight are always striving to achieve, whether that be something tangible or intangible. We also take great care to satisfy current and new consumers. By considering these values, Island Delight offer Halal-branded patties. Therefore, encouraging those that may not have purchased, to actually engage with the product. Also, alleviating potential restrictions on one consuming our products.

To avoid confusion, our entire range of patties are produced at Halal-accredited site. This can be identified by the Halal logo on the rear of the packaging. All raw materials used are from Halal certified sites. The idea behind ‘Halal-branded’ patties was to reiterate that we do produce Halal patties, mitigating one’s apathy towards our products. However, we always encourage consumers to contact us directly in order to help with any reservations.

We really do care about sharing the authentic taste of Jamaica. So our entire range of products can be enjoyed by consumers who have reservations consuming non halal products.