Flaky Pastry Patties

Flaky Pastry Patties are frequently confused with puff pastry, although the two are not the same. Puff pastry is the type of pastry that is brown on the exterior and peels away in thin white layers all the way through. They are made by sandwiching a layer of fat between layers of pastry and then folding it over on itself multiple times.

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Our flaky pastry is more rustic or ‘home made’. We create them with a rough, short mix that relies on discrete particles of fat remaining in the finished pastry paste. After that, they rise during baking. It’s the pastry that leaves crumbs – there is no way you can eat it without being noticed, but it’s tasty! Our goods also have a characteristic yellowish (golden-brown) colour. This is due to the turmeric and annatto that is contained within.

At Island Delight we have a wide range of flaky patties to choose from. From our Halal Chicken and Lamb to our Spicy Vegetable Flaky Pastry suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So, there is something here for everyone. In addition, all of our Flaky Pastry patties are made with Jamaican recipes. Therefore, they are a real taste of the Caribbean!

All of our flaky pastry patties are ready-to-eat, so if you can’t hold in that pattie hunger or you simply prefer to consume cold, then our patties have you covered.