Shortcrust Pastry Patties

Our Shortcrust Pastry Patties are somewhat thicker than flaky pastry but crumblier. Shortcrust pastry is ideal for foods with moist fillings because it doesn’t absorb liquids. Plain shortcrust pastry is typically used for savoury fillings. But it’s also a versatile option that may be in use for desserts like tarts. Because there are no raising agents in shortcrust pastry, it does not rise, flake, or puff up.

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Jamaican Shortcrust Pastry Patties

Shortcrust pastry is the more authentic of the two; however, we have a great selection of Jamaican Flaky Patties in case you want a change. Both types of our pastry (Flaky and Shortcrust) contain just plain wheat flour, water, vegetable margarine and vegetable shortening as well as colourings and preservatives. We do not use vegetable oil, suet, or any animal fats. Here at Island Delight, we pride ourselves on catering for food-lovers, hence we also have a vegan pattie available in shortcrust pastry. In addition, with our range of flavours, we’re sure you can find something to your taste.

All of our shortcrust patties are ready-to-eat, so if you can’t hold in that pattie hunger or you simply prefer to consume cold, then our patties have you covered.