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We deliver across the UK, covering various regions in England: North (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield etc), Midlands (Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester etc), South (London, Luton, Bristol etc). We also deliver to Wales.

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We are actively looking to broaden our distribution network, welcoming new customers and relationships, driven by the responsibility we feel we have on providing international flavour across the world. To facilitate this, trade and credit terms are available in addition to free national delivery.

Why stock Island Delight?

The Island Delight pattie range takes inspirations from family recipes and have been domestically tried and tested over two generations, using the finest ingredients. With foundations set in 1988, Island Delight – a product brand of Cleone Foods – has risen to become one of the most sought-after brands for a taste of the Caribbean for international consumers. Island Delight is well positioned in the UK market for Caribbean flavour, as the brand is stocked in the UK’s biggest supermarkets nationwide.


By opting for Island Delight, you are able to consistently stock authentic Jamaican-based products associated with high demand independent of geographic, as a result of the proliferation of global consumers’ desire for Caribbean food.

Halal Accredited

The entire range of Island Delight patties are Halal and are produced in a Halal accredited facility.


Our production facilities are accredited with Grade AA (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS))- the highest grading of SAI Global.

What’s available?

Our range of patties (140g) can be purchased in cases of 6 (chilled), cases of 12 (chilled) and cases of 24 (frozen).

We also produce smaller sized (50g) cocktail patties, suitable for events and perfect to be part of a platter, available in cases of 48 (frozen).

Island Delight allows you the option between flaky and shortcrust pastry, whilst possessing a range of fillings to accommodate meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Please note that Cocktail patties are flaky only.

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