Frozen Range

Our patties are versatile in their consumption. Therefore, we thought it would be suitable to allow consumers the opportunity to purchase their favourite patties in larger quantities. With this, you are able to enjoy our patties with company or for occasions as our frozen patties are a pertinent choice for a sharing platter.

We have several different multipacks. This includes our incredibly popular Jerk Beef, Jerk Chicken and Vegetable. So, if you’re hosting a gathering, you can be more than prepared in the catering department. Pick out multiple flavours which your guests will appreciate.

Frozen Multipacks To Satisfy Pattie Cravings Or Gatherings

Here at Island Delight, we call these multipacks ‘cubes’. These pattie cubes are able to be frozen which can then be taken out the freezer to be cooked in the oven and be served hot. So if you want to stock up on authentic Jamaican cuisine, you have come to the right place with Island Delight’s frozen patties.