Caribbean Flavours For Plant Based Palettes 

Born out of the love and the yearning for tasty Caribbean food, Island Delight is committed to bringing authentic Caribbean flavours to UK supermarkets. Our passion for flavours and spices flows through all of our products. Starting with our original Jamaican patties and expanding through to our Island Delight ready meals, all of our products are based off our Caribbean family recipes. In addition, our ready meals are available for many dietary requirements including vegetarian.

Furthermore, our customers can feel the true taste and presence of the Caribbean on their taste buds with every mouthful. Over the past few years we are delighted to have expanded beyond the original Jamaican pattie. We offer a wealth of different snacks and meals to suit every taste.

Flavours For All

From different types of patties through to ready meals, we’ve got something for everyone. A lot of Caribbean food traditionally encompasses meat into the recipes. However, here at Island Delight we want everyone to have the chance to taste the Caribbean. That’s why you’ll find many vegetarian and vegan options in our product range – including our Island Delight ready meals.

Island Delight Ready Meals 

Convenience food is evolving like never before. Long gone are the days of flavourless microwave meals. The new age of convenience food must offer the highest levels of flavours and quality to stand a chance on the busy supermarket shelves. At Island Delight, we certainly welcomed the challenge. We are delighted to have launched our range of tasty ready meals – perfect for those on the go or suffering from time constraints. Convenience shouldn’t compromise on quality or flavour. Therefore, this is why when you taste Island Delight ready meals, you’ll get everything you wished for and more. Fusing special blends of herbs and spices, our ready meals are a treat in themselves. What’s more, we even have plant-based ready meals too!

Plant-Based Ready Meals 

Over the last decade, many people have chosen to change their diets to plant-based diets. Vegan-friendly food has been on the rise, and that also includes ready-meals. Climate-friendly food has become more mainstream than ever. So, it’s important that it covers all aspects of food – from snacks through to ready meals. A study by Eating Better revealed that there has been a 50% increase in the range of vegetarian and plant-based ready meals in UK supermarkets since 2018. Sustainable food options must be easily accessible, and we are proud to cater to vegan and vegetarian diets through our own products here at Island Delight.

Sweet Potato And Vegetable Ready Meal 

Our Sweet Potato and Vegetable Ready Meal is a fusion of authentic Caribbean flavours guaranteed to deliver. This expertly crafted dish is made from perfectly seasoned vegetables mixed into a traditional Caribbean light spicy sauce and served on a bed of long grain rice. It’s a hearty meal, full of flavour, and rich in spices – a truly Island Delight!

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