The Rise Of Street Food In Supermarkets

Summary. Island Delight offers authentic Jamaican street food patties, inspired by the founder’s love for the snack. These patties are available for wholesale in the UK, including vegan options, and can be found at various supermarkets. Experience the rich flavours of Jamaican street food at home.


Island Delight patties were born thanks to its founder missing his favourite Jamaican street food snack. Over the past few years, street food has become a real defining change in our food culture. Traditional Western meals have up until now consisted of starters, mains, and desserts. However, our eating habits are changing and traditional meals are sometimes seen as too restrictive. More consumers than ever are looking for new tasting experiences via exciting dishes and flavours that street food often encompasses. But why?

The Street Food Experience 

In many countries, street food is a way of life. Central America, India, Thailand and Jamaica (where our famous Jamaican Patties are inspired from), are all countries that commonly serve street food. They offer it day and night to both locals and tourists looking for a quick, cheap, and easy meal. However, in the UK, street food is still a relatively new concept. That being said, it’s a culinary revolution that millennials in particular are at the very forefront of.

So What’s Caused Street Food To Become More Popular?

As pallets change and we become more receptive to different flavours and ingredients. There is a willingness to experiment with cuisines. The concept of “eating out” has always been in some form of establishment. However, street food has challenged our perceptions of how food should be eaten. Street food is relaxed and informal, but still offers consumers a tasty quality meal. Our change in attitude towards traditional dining has meant that people of all generations are becoming more open to the spontaneity and down-to-earthness of street food. Markets welcome all types of street food vendors and pop up businesses are dotted around cities. Consequently, more people are discovering the affordable and tasty treats that street food offers. This convenient yet fulfilling way to eat out has fast become a trend that is gaining popularity across the country.

Bringing It Home 

The street food culture offers some great socialising benefits. However, it’s become apparent that there is now a demand for tasting these culinary delights in the comfort of one’s own home too. With this in mind, all UK supermarkets are stocking different forms of street food that can be cooked at home. From bao buns and bento boxes, through to curries and dim sum. It’s never been easier to access a range of cuisines at your local supermarket.

Jamaican Street Food Patties 

At Island Delight, we commit ourselves to shining a spotlight on the mouth watering flavours that Jamaican street food can bring to the table. That’s why we have created a range of authentic Island Delight Jamaican patties made with traditional recipes that can be enjoyed at home or on the go. A Jamaican street food staple, the Jamaican Pattie is rich in flavour and spice and all things nice! We want as many people as possible to enjoy our patties. So we’ve crafted some tasty vegan options too that are just as bold in flavours and seasonings.

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Jamaican Patties For Wholesale UK

Our Jamaican patties are available for wholesale in the UK. They are stocked in many different supermarkets up and down the country including Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Cooperative Food. Find your local Island Delight retailer today.

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