Continuing Veganuary? Island Delight Is Here For You

Since its launch in 2014, Veganuary has taken the world by a storm. There are over a million people taking part in the temporary diet change. So, it’s safe to say that the demand for tasty vegan food is only growing. Veganuary inspires people all over the world to switch to plant-based meals for a month. The idea is to motivate people to make the switch long-term eventually, so it’s safe to say that more and more people are choosing to adopt a plant-based diet every year. If you’re carrying Veganuary into February, then firstly – well done you! Secondly, we’d like you to know that here at Island Delight, leading manufacturer of Jamaican patties, we’re proud to cater to a range of different eating preferences, including vegan, plant-based diets. So, let’s get stuck in!

Plant-Based Patties

Island Delight is committed to showcasing the bold and traditional Jamaican flavours that the country has to offer. Our Jamaican patties are just one example of the authentic recipes that our founder Wade Lyn has pioneered. However, we want everyone to have a chance to taste the irresistible flavours.

Plant-based meals are fortunately evolving as the demand for it grows, and meat-free alternatives are available across many different food types. Despite the traditional Jamaican pattie being one that contains meat, we’ve adapted some of the range to give vegetarians and vegans the opportunity to enjoy our mouthwatering recipes. Yes you heard right – plant-based patties!

Vegan Snacks Done Right 

Vegan food has been mis-judged over the years, with many presuming that such food will lack flavour. We’re here to change that view entirely with our tasty plant-based patties. The perfect Jamaican vegan savoury snack, our patties are full of healthy vegetables and seasoned with our special blend of Caribbean spices. At Island Delight, we’re proud to be making vegan food tastier than ever before. With our irresistible meat-free savoury snacks, staying vegan this year just got even easier.

Find out more about our plant-based snacks here: 

Spicy Vegetable Flaky Pastry Pattie

Vegetable Shortcrust Pattie 

Quick Veggie Meal Ideas 

It’s a common misconception that vegan food takes longer to prepare. Well fear not, because if you’re in a rush or you simply want a quick and easy vegetarian meal for dinner, we’ve got just the thing for you. Our sweet potato and mixed vegetable curry might be quick to prepare, but it certainly doesn’t compromise on taste. Packed full of tantalising spices, this delightful plant based meal is straight out of Jamaica. Convenience should never mean sacrificing on taste, and we’ve proved you can truly get the best of both worlds with our effortlessly tasty veggie ready meal.

Island Delight – Find Us In A Store Near You 

Island Delight is passionate about bringing the taste of Jamaica to the UK for everyone to enjoy. We believe good food belongs to everyone. So, we take pride in offering a diverse range of foods to meet a wealth of different dietary requirements. Jamaican cuisine is our speciality, and we want to share it.

If you would like to find out more about our Jamaican vegetarian and vegan savoury patties and meals, then explore our website today. Alternatively, call 0121 551 2772 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team to start stocking Island Delight products today!

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