The Jamaican Pattie – From The Caribbean To The UK With Island Delight

Island Delight’s Responsibility Of Catering For The UK With Caribbean Culinary

Island Delight was founded by Wade Lyn, a Jamaican-born pioneer. He chased his vision of providing the UK with easy access to his favourite snack from his homeland in Jamaica. With the popularity of Jamaican Patties being omnipresent in the Caribbean, Wade expeditiously and shrewdly acted on this, subsequently establishing Island Delight.

Wade encouraged himself to bring the Jamaican flavour and spice to the UK. Through the Jamaican patties brings the authentic taste of the Caribbean. Wade’s family ran a bakery in Jamaica. So, by being by their side, he sensed and gathered which flavours were popular amongst the natives. With this information, Island Delight has become a specialist in Jamaican food. This is evident by our family of products being grabbed off the UK’s largest supermarket shelves.

Furthermore, Island Delight is spearheaded by an expert in Jamaican cuisine. Consequently, we as a brand feel responsible for consumers in the UK to have access to authentic Jamaican products. This responsibility is augmented because of our foundations- family recipes are at the core of the products.

Due to the nature of the product, the Jamaican Pattie shares similarities with the popular Cornish Pasty in the UK. With this, consumers are more receptive to the consumption of our Caribbean patties because of pastry being a significant market in the food industry. Island Delight differentiates however, as vibrant ingredients and spices are brought together and fused. Moreover, creating irresistible flavour – one of the predominant Island Delight value propositions.

Our Positioning Helps Us Fulfil Our Vision

As aforementioned, Island Delight’s foundations involve Jamaican family recipes- developed and honed over generations- as well as the brand being led by Jamaican figures. Island Delight is an authentic Jamaican product. Therefore, it is positioned as a strong performer in the Jamaican food market in the UK. Consumers looking for Jamaican products inevitably gain trust in the brand and buy into the brand because of the Island Delight story. In addition, because of the relation one can have with the brand.

“I endorse Jamaican products and wave the Jamaican flag which is printed on all packaging of our range of products”

Wade Lyn, Island Delight founder

As one of our values is to share our expertise through taste, Wade was optimistic about accommodating consumers where possible. An Island Delight fact that you may not be aware of is that all of our products are Halal. By offering Halal products, we are able to further satisfy our goal. This is to allow the UK to experience and appreciate Jamaican products which are so loved in the Caribbean.

The staggering success of Island Delight has been a surprise for Wade. Although ambitious, Wade didn’t imagine his vision would reach the levels it has today. The success has seen Island Delight’s range of vibrant products being stocked in supermarket shelves across the nation. When questioned how he felt when seeing the very product he brought to life on supermarket shelves, Wade stated:

“I’m proud and the people that work here are proud”.

Wade had the knowledge and experience to fulfil his vision and bring the pattie to life in the UK.

Island Delight Against Competitors

Authenticity; variety of options; knowledge and experience; spice levels; snack patties; stockists; infrastructure; accreditations. This a list of facets which Island Delight perform relatively well. As we pride ourselves on delivering quality Jamaican Food, Island Delight patties are produced in a BRC certified site, achieving AA- the highest grading possible. Food safety is top priority. With the comfort of knowing Island Delight patties are produced in a safe environment, our products are consistently enjoyed across the country.

To reiterate how we feel on providing Jamaican flavour, we have expanded our product portfolio so we have options for everyone. We offer a wide range of meat filled patties, mouth-watering ready meals, flaky pastry patties, shortcrust pastry patties, and vegan options (all whilst being Halal).

ICYMI- Island Delight are located in Birmingham. Why not visit us and pick up fresh Caribbean patties? Having friends around or have an event coming up? Well good news as we exclusively produce snack patties (smaller-sized compare to regular) at our site in cases of 48!

What’s Next For Island Delight?!

We believe that we have the opportunity of being a trailblazer for upcoming Jamaican and Caribbean-orientated businesses. Island Delight is a small (watch this space) but reputable brand in the food industry. Therefore, consumers will likely be more receptive to sampling more products from the Caribbean. We are helping towards overcoming the challenge of authentic Jamaican cuisine in the UK. With this increased encouragement, we believe we can support the proliferation of Jamaican food through the guidance of our founder, Wade Lyn.

“I think I’ve got to help people to achieve their goal, but far quicker than how I’ve done it…for me it’s to keep that heritage going for the next generation”

Wade Lyn, Island Delight founder

Building on the progress of Island Delight is reciprocated by fellow director, Cleo Lyn:

“My father showed that a black-owned business can be successful back then. Now I think the role is bigger, in small businesses helping small businesses”


Island Delight

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