5 Common Herbs And Spices Used In Caribbean Food Recipes

Reflecting the deep and diverse history of the region, Caribbean cuisine is rich in flavours. Despite there being a wealth of native dishes, when it comes to Caribbean food recipes there are some staple herbs and spices that you’ll notice are almost always present. These herbs and spices are what create the bold flavours that the Caribbean is famous for. Such flavours are now enjoyed all over the world and are used to showcase the cultural importance of the Caribbean.

Herbs & Spices For Caribbean Food Recipes

Herbs and spices provide more flavour and enhance existing flavours in food and drink. Different cultures and regions have different herbs and spices they traditionally use and the Caribbean is no exception. We’ve put together some common herbs and spices you’ll find in Caribbean dishes (including our patties!).

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Sometimes known as pimenta, allspice actually comes from a small berry. The berry is dried and ground to create the staple herb used in many Caribbean dishes. It is a prominent flavour in Jamaican jerk which is the sweet and spicy marinade, sauce, and dry rub seasoning commonly used all over the region. A common misconception is that allspice is a combination of spices, however this is not the case. This misconception comes from the fact that the spice berries taste like a combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves once dried and ground.


Fresh ginger root is one of the most common spices you’ll find in a Caribbean kitchen and arguably in most kitchens in the world. Ginger is used in a variety of cuisines and in fact drinks too – such as herbal teas. Although the spice is not native to the country, the spice is prominent in most dishes from jerk through to traditional ginger beer and the famous cocktail “Dark and Stormy” which features ginger beer and rum.


In the Caribbean, people sometimes refer to cinnamon as “spice” or “hard spice.” They use it in both sweet and savory Caribbean food recipes, ranging from chicken and lamb stews to a topping for plantain. It also appears in traditional rum punch.


Nutmeg another caribbean food spice. Farmers in the Caribbean cultivate nutmeg, a seed they dry and grind to produce the spice. Furthermore, chefs and consumers use nutmeg in a variety of food and drinks for its strong, fragrant flavor that enhances sauces. They often grate fresh nutmeg into or over dishes, and sometimes add it to bitter coffee to soften its flavor.


Paprika is ground red pepper but it can come in many different varieties such as smoked and sweet. Sweeter paprika is usually the type used in Caribbean cuisine, both as a flavour and as a garnish. Alongside being visually appealing with its bright red colour, sweet paprika has a sweet peppery flavour which works well as a rub for chicken and other meats.

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