Island Delight Launch New Packaging to Commemorate Windrush 75

Summary. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of Windrush, symbolising the immigration wave from the Caribbean to the UK. The Windrush Generation, pioneers who rebuilt the country after WWII, contributed to vital sectors. Island Delight proudly partners with the National Windrush Museum, featuring a QR code on our packaging for easy access to learn more about the museum’s work.

This year commemorates the 75th Anniversary of Windrush. 

After World War 2 immigration was encouraged from around the Common Wealth, as the Caribbean was a part of the common wealth at the time, everyone arriving automatically had British Citizenship and therefore the right to live and work in the UK.  HMT Windrush Empire docked on June 22nd 1948 and the often referred to ‘Windrush Generation’ gets its name from this vessel.  There were many more vessels that followed the Windrush bringing hundreds of much needed workers in from different corners of the Caribbean starting in 1948 and ending in the early 70’s

Furthermore, The Windrush Generation built the UK economy back up in the post war years, filling vital roles in the newly formed NHS, The National Rail Service and in many other vital sectors like the coal & steel industry.  These were pioneers of their time, leaving their homeland in search of a more secure future for them and their families.

Lastly, here at Island delight we are immensely proud to announce that we have partnered with the National Windrush Museum ( and will carry a QR code on our packaging.

When you scan the code, it takes you directly to the Museum’s website, where you can learn all about the work they do.

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