Meeting Consumer Demands With Evolve By Faerch

We have all seen the phrase “this product was made with recycled water bottles” on at least one item before. It’s especially common on reusable shopping bags and pencil cases. However sustainable food packaging materials are no longer seen as a novelty: they are truly a necessity.

Here are just some of the many reasons why we need to change the way we use and dispose of plastic:

  • Plastic packaging in the UK accounts for almost 70% of the total plastic waste produced
  • Less than a third of all plastic in the UK is recycled
  • In London alone, the average adult buys more than three plastic water bottles each week

Sadly these astounding numbers have led to increasing levels of plastic waste in our natural environment. This has caused irreversible damage.

As a society it is entirely our responsibility. This responsibility is to ensure that the plastic we consume does not end up in our natural environment or going to landfill. However, plastic packaging does play an important role in protecting and preserving goods. This includes food! So how do we still achieve this without contributing to further damage to our environment? The answer is, sustainable food packaging.

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Sustainable Food Packaging

Here at Island Delight, we are committed to ensuring our own company as well as our customers make more sustainable choices. This is through our sustainable packaging solutions. From ready meals and fresh meat, through to food to go, and dairy products, our mission is to support the rise of the closed loop in food packaging. This is so that businesses like ours can meet sustainability goals, without compromising on quality, cost, or food hygiene.

Switching to Evolve food packaging is the latest action we are taking towards reducing our carbon footprint. The sustainable packaging solutions truly represent the reflection of the European PET recycling stream. Made from rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), Evolve packaging revolutionises packaging for food. Made entirely from post-consumer recycled content, once used again, the packaging can go straight back into the circle and recycled again back into food packaging. This loop can continue endlessly, demonstrating complete circularity.

Sustainable Food Packaging | Visuals

It goes without saying that visually pleasing packaging plays an important part in the food that you choose to buy. With this in mind, we understand the importance of not compromising on aesthetics when it comes to our food packaging. Evolve sustainable food packaging is currently being used for our ready meal trays now. You will see that it retains the naturally fluctuating tones of the original bottles and trays used to make it. The authentic colouring is highly impactful. This signals clearly to our customers the sustainable choice they are making when choosing food that has been packed in Evolve by Faerch.

The Importance of Sustainable Choices

By choosing a sustainable food packaging solution, not only are we reducing our own carbon footprint, but we are also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of customers too. With an increased consumer awareness of sustainability, the decisions needing to be made to meet the demands of customers are undoubtedly evolving. Last year Google observed a significant increase in sustainability-related searches and notably the term ‘zero-waste’ grew 6X faster than ‘sustainability’.

These findings indicate that consumers are becoming much more educated on the issue, and because of this, have increasingly high expectations for businesses to support them in changing their own behaviour. We understand the responsibility we have to ourselves and our customers to choose more sustainable options. Off the back of this information, it is clear that there is an urge for businesses to do more towards becoming “destination zero”. Also Evolve was the perfect solution for us; accommodating high quality dishes with high quality food packaging.

Contact Us Today

For more information about our products at Island Delight, such as our Jamaican patties and frozen range or our new sustainable packaging, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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