Island Delight, And The Origins Of The Jamaican Pattie


Have you ever wondered, where did Jamaican patties originate from? Well, the history of Jamaican Patties is amazing food evolvement. In the 17th Century many Cornish ships and sailors were involved in the triangle of routes. This was between England, East Africa and the Caribbean for the trade in spices, slaves and sugar etc. This is still reflected today in Jamaican place names such as Cornwall County, Falmouth, and Trelawney Parish. Consequently, Jamaican Patties are a derivative of the Cornish Pasty.

The Cornish Pasty travelled with the Cornish sailors to Jamaica. However, over time it was adapted to include local ingredients. In addition, to suit the tastes and palate of the people. Therefore, eventually developing into the Jamaican Patties of today. Furthermore, the Chinese and Indian influences in the spices came from indentured workers who travelled to the Caribbean to work following the abolition of slavery.

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The Jamaican Pattie Today

The Pattie is now the commonest form of street or snack food in Jamaica. It is available from the smallest street vendor or market stall, right up to large dedicated chains of takeaway shops and restaurants.

How Are They Made?

Jamaican Pattie (or occasionally Jamaican Puff) is now a generic description within the bakery trade, much like French stick, Swiss roll, or Danish pastry. Patties are manufactured and sold across the world by many different companies. Even within Jamaica itself there are many different makers, all with their own recipes and variations on pastry and fillings. Therefore, there is no single definitive recipe or ingredient. However, Scotch Bonnet chilli and the pastry colour identify the product uniquely.

Island Delight | History Of Jamaican Patties

The key flavouring component driving the Island Delight Jamaican pattie is our unique blend of spices. But, the primary flavour driving heat levels is the Scotch Bonnet Chilli, which is a key ingredient in all of our ranges. Furthermore, the unique colour of our pastry is based on the use an of annatto/ turmeric blend, which again is a key ingredient in the pastry mix.

Island Delight’s Managing Director, Wade Lyn CBE was born in Jamaica. In addition, to this day he and his family who remain there, maintain close links with Jukie Chin, founder of Juici Patties. This is the largest pattie maker on the Island. Furthermore, Island Delight, recently assisted him in sourcing new equipment from the U.K. for use in his Jamaican factory. The recipes, which our patties are based, are our M.D.’s own family favourites. Additionally, samples of all new products we develop here in the UK, are sent back to Jamaica for tasting before we launch them. Many of our factory staff are Caribbean, and all regularly eat and enjoy our products.

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