Donation Delight !

A very special charity donation..Giving back to the local community.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to deliver our patties to those in need. So far, we have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Fair Share Community Time Banks on their wonderful community project.

The team here at Island Delight would like to personally thank Lynne from Business in The Community and Claire from Gloucestershire Gateway Trust for organising this project; also, Sandy and Ross from GL Communities and The Club at Tuffley Park CiC.

We also had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic nurses at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. We can’t thank the NHS staff enough! Along with a box of Juici Patties, we delivered a few boxes of Island Delight patties for these busy essential workers.

We hope those who receive our patties enjoy the taste of the Caribbean! This was a very gratifying experience and we are looking forward to helping even more in the future!

Again, we’d like to thank Business In The Community and the Fair Share volunteers for their amazing help during the COVID-19 crisis.

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