Black History Month

Island Delight Celebrating Black History Month

At Island Delight we recognise and celebrate Black History Month, with the rest of the United Kingdom, each October. It is a celebration of black culture and history in the UK but the roots of the diverse Black-British community.

With our company’s roots firmly in Jamaica and with our founder Wade Lyn a key figure in the local Jamaican National’s Association, winning a ‘Local Hero’ award just last year, we are a company that is proud to celebrate our culture, both in the Caribbean and in introducing the flavours of our home to the British market.

Celbrations Begain in 1997

Black History Month akyabba adai sebo Island DelightBlack History Month was first celebrated in the UK in 1997 and it was initially set up by Ghanaian analyst and colleague of former London mayor Ken Livingstone, Akyaaba Addai Sebo. The event was conceived as a replica of the American Black History Month and to celebrate the influence of Black African and Caribbean culture in the UK and to look back at its past.

Initiatives, events, education and awareness programmes take place up and down the UK, with voluntary groups, local authorities, museums and libraries playing their part in organising events to mark the month of awareness and celebration.

Join The Celebrations

Local to Island Delight in Birmingham there are many events to enjoy including a night of poetry which celebrates Jamaican culture, featuring Jean Binta Breeze MBE on October 29th and there are also further events organised by the Library of Birmingham and the University of Birmingham.

At Island Delight we have worked tirelessly to bring a taste of the Caribbean to the UK and have had great success in showing the British market how tasty Caribbean flavours can be. Our popular Jamaican snack food is now enjoyed by people up and down the UK and it is our way of introducing a piece of our heritage to the British market.