Island Delight Attending The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games, taking place from 28th July to 8th August, was special to us at Island Delight. It was such a prestigious event that took place locally to us in Birmingham.

With Jamaica being one of the nations to take part, we were always going to show our support for the Games in any capacity we could. Island Delight were fortunate to be invited to several events in the build up to the commencement of the Games, building the anticipation and excitement that much more.

Charity Dinner and Auction

(In support of The Jamaica Commonwealth Games Team)

To commemorate Jamaica’s participation in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, a charity dinner was hosted on July 26th. The event was sponsored by the Jamaica National Group (JN Group). This is a reputable brand consisting of fourteen entities, with a vision of enriching lives and building communities.

Members of the Island Delight team were in attendance to show their support for the Jamaica Commonwealth and Olympic Association.

UK House

In the build up to the Commonwealth Games, Island Delight founder, Wade Lyn, was invited to attend an event at the UK house on the 28th and 29th July. Wade was identified as a director of a ‘best in class’ food & drink sector SME.

Accompanying Wade were numerous figures from fellow Commonwealth nations, with representatives from Italy, Kenya, India etc. Organised by a Consortium led by the Birmingham Commonwealth Association, the event focused on SME supply chain. Moreover, paying particular attention to combatting challenges of international trade. The goal of the event was to bring to light key issues in the food & drink supply chain including food security and sustainability.


Some of the Island Delight team were lucky enough to attend events at the Games. It was widely regarded a success which brought the city of Birmingham together. Island Delight Managing Director, Cleo Lyn, expressed their gratitude for the local games:

“I feel the Games was always going to be a success because the people of Birmingham know how great an honour it is to be hosting such a renowned event. It was amazing to see what can be achieved when you work together and it was incredible to see athletes from all over the world compete but also to see the enjoyment of just participating”.


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