Why Visit Jamaica This Summer?

If you’re planning to visit Jamaica this summer, there’s a whole host of destinations and activities to try.

Even if you’re not familiar with the landscape, you’ll have heard of destinations like Montego Bay, Kingston and Ochos Rios. And because Jamaica has so much to offer, it pays to do a bit of research beforehand to work out what you want to do!

Most of the all-inclusive resorts are found in Montego Bay, which boasts fantastic its British-colonial architecture, or Negril, best-known for diving and snorkelling sites. And around this there’s also opportunities to see wildlife, birds, hike or party if there’s a carnival happening! (Note – carnival season is mainly February to April, with the main event – the bacchanal in February). https://www.bacchanaljamaica.com/

To help you make some decisions, here are some of the top-rated trips according to Trip Advisor:

Blue Hole (Ochos Rios)

With breath-taking views, these majestic waterfalls are a must-see! And there’s usually the option to take your swimwear and get involved too by way of cliff  jumps and rope swings! Visits are generally by organised tour groups.

Seven Mile Beach (Negril)

Just as you’d expect – uninterrupted views of crystal-white sand, calm water and super-friendly staff on hand. One traveller said it ‘instantly made you want to buy a home nearby’.

Rose Hall Great House (Montego Bay)

Now a museum, this is a house with a stunning history of lust, intrigue and murder. Travellers recommend taking a tour when the light is fading, for extra atmosphere. Learn about Annie Palmer the psychopathic resident…. And then stop for a drink to steady the nerves! Rated exciting, spooky, scary and interesting!

The Bob Marley Museum (Kingston)

Once home to the reggae legend, it’s been preserved so you’ll see how he lived and worked alongside his collection of guitars. A must for everyone, and if you don’t start off a fan, you probably will be by the end!

Croydon Plantation (Montego Bay)

An educational tour taking in the history, with a chance to try different fruits, and enjoy lunch there too. Set with a stunning view of the mountains, the ride to the plantation is a treat in itself.

And of course, whilst you’re there – don’t forget to

Eat Some Jamaican Patties!

No matter  what your itinerary – you’re bound to come across some delicious Jamaican patties on the island.  From food chains to street food – they’re everywhere. And of course, on your return, you can continue the enjoyment with some of Island Delight’s authentic patties – in shortcrust or flaky pastry, available with meat or vegetable fillings.

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