Vegan Food – Our Vegetable Patties Are Official! 

With Google searches for ‘vegan food’ quadrupling in the last four years, we felt it was the right time to highlight the profile of our vegetable and spicy vegetable patties.

Not only do they taste great, (packed full of swede, potatoes, peas, carrots and with a special blend of traditional Caribbean spices), but  they’re also completely vegan.  Whether you prefer shortcrust pastry (the vegetable pattie) or flaky pastry (the spicy vegetable pattie), for those looking for something different to add to their normal diet, either would be a fantastic discovery.

What is vegan food?

One step further than just vegetarian food, vegan food will satisfy the following criteria.

  • It will be completely free of animal-derived ingredients,
    • It will be certified free from cross-contamination during production,
    • There will be no genetically-modified ingredients in it (GMO)
    • The food will not have been a result of animal testing either directly or via previous commissioned processes.

It’s been a long journey to certification, but we’re incredibly proud that we can now offer yet another level of choice from our product range.

The Vegetarian Society’s new vegan logo came into existence in March this year. It’s very eye-catching, designed to make vegan products easily identifiable – so look out for it on our packaging!  It’s your assurance that stringent checks have been independently carried out to ensure the pattie’s vegan credentials.