North West Food Lovers Festival

See the Vegetarian Society at the North West Food Lovers Festival

This weekend there’s a fantastic food festival up in Cheshire, and The Vegetarian Society are exhibiting. We thought we’d flag up the event here at Island Delight as the Vegetarian Society will be showcasing a range of their approved products, including our 100% vegan, flavoursome veggie patties.

The North West Food Lovers Festival takes over Tatton Park in Knutsford from 23rd to 25th October.

The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark is the most widely recognisable vegetarian symbol in the UK and it is used by restaurants and producers of food products alike. We’re pleased to say both our shortcrust and flaky pastry veggie patties have received approval and this means they are suitable vegetarians and as a listener on one of the radio shows our founder Wade Lyn recently appeared on revealed, they are also 100% suitable for vegans.

The Vegetarian Society will offer up a range of tasty vegetarian treats at their exhibition stand and our alternative to traditionally flavoured pastries and snacks will surely whet people’s appetite for Caribbean cuisine.

Veggie Britain

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics in 2012 found that around 1.2 million people in the UK eat no meat or fish and are fully vegetarian and this figure has almost certainly risen since this date as more and more people embrace a meat-free lifestyle. As well as people making the lifestyle choice not to eat meat and fish, there are others who work elements of vegetarianism into their diet. Campaigns such as Meat Free Mondays launched my Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009 encourages people to ‘go vegetarian’ every Monday for both their health and to reduce their carbon footprint.

More People Going Meat Free

As more and more people consider vegetarianism or look for meat-free alternatives to their favourite meals they’ll expect a wide range of choices. There is no excuse for vegetarian food to be boring and our patties show, you can pack a ton of flavour into fresh, tasty vegetables.

Vegetable Short Crust Pattie

Island Delight Veggie Products

Our Veggie Pattie range includes a Short Crust and a Flaky Pastry Pattie and both types contain a mixture of tasty vegetables including swede, potatoes, peas and carrots which are teamed with a traditional blend of aromatic Caribbean spices to deliver a tasty snack. With a growing vegetarian population we want as many people as possible to know about the fantastic, authentic flavours of the Caribbean and we make sure they don’t miss out because they don’t eat meat.