Island Delight’s Ingredients For Ready-Made Success. 

Ever since Island Delight’s products hit the shelves back in 1998 we’ve been adding to the range, keen to ensure that consumers can enjoy different types of authentic-tasting Jamaican cuisine.  We began with delicious patties and slices, and over the years our selection grew to include party foods (jerk beef or chicken snack pack patties);  halal-branded patties, frozen foods and ready meals.

As anyone who has seen programmes like Dragon’s Den will know – launching a product into a supermarket is a huge endeavour, and after a trial run, only the very best stock is retained. And that’s why we’re thrilled that our latest offerings, the ready meals, are proving just as much of a hit with consumers.

What Makes Them So Tasty?

From the milder Jamaican Brown Stew Lamb with rice, through to the hotter dishes (Spicy Jerk Pork and Spicy Jerk Chicken with rice), they’re a real taste of home, with the pork and chicken being wood-smoked before cooking.  This is a skilled process that ensures the meat takes on just enough of the woody/oaky flavour to ensure it gives that real taste of satisfaction. And teamed up with the rice and peas (which is actually red kidney beans), and all the right seasonings for the dish, you could just close your eyes and imagine you’re home!

Currently we’re in Tesco (frozen only) and Asda (chilled and frozen). Enjoy your meal!