Jamaican Independence Day

Jamaican Independence Day

Saturday 6th August

A huge event on the Jamaican calendar, August 6th sees Jamaicans worldwide celebrating the anniversary of their independence after years of Spanish, and subsequent British colonial rule. Finally – Jamaica was allowed to govern its own political, economical and social affairs!

A day to remember Jamaica’s history, its descendants, history, struggles and subsequent achievements, it will be celebrated in style in by Jamaicans all over the UK.

In Birmingham, home of Cleone Foods who make Island Delight products, the celebrations will be centred on Handsworth Park in Birmingham with reggae music, Jamaican food and trade shows.

Tickets are available online http://www.jamaica-independence-celebration.co.uk/ or on the day at the venue.

The history behind independence

1494 – The island was claimed by the Spanish when Christopher Columbus discovered it on a voyage to the Caribbean.

1655 – The British won it from the hands of the Spanish.

1834 – Jamaican independence day slavery was abolished. Jamaica subsequently gained more control of its own affairs.

1944 – The stage is set for eventual independence – thanks to the activists Marcus Garvey, Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley, who between them formed political parties, forced elections and change.

1962 – August 6th – Independence finally granted. Jamaica was recognised as an independent nation.

Why not throw your own party?!

But if you can’t make any of these events, then you can still celebrate in style. Why not throw your own party, and give your guests a real taste of Jamaica? With a huge range of ready meals or our patties, in short-crust or flaky pastry, covering vegetarian, fish and meat options, there’s something for everyone. Have a great independence day.

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