Birmingham Commonwealth Visit Jamaica

Birmingham Commonwealth Visit Jamaica

All businesses thrive on networking

Making links, forging friendships and seeking out new opportunities. It’s the lifeblood of commerce, and to this end, our founder Wade Lyn, is always keen to investigate new markets and keep the ones that we have buoyant.

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Wade recently joined a group of delegates from The Birmingham Commonwealth Association (BCA), on a visit to Jamaica, where the party spent a packed 5 days enjoying a variety of meetings and visits to advise Jamaican businesses on exporting to UK, and publicise various schemes run by the BCA. The entire visit was hosted by Jamaica’s official trade body JAMPRO (Jamaica Promotions Corporation), and the British High Commission.

Birmingham Commonwealth Visit Jamaica“It was a hugely useful exercise,” says Wade. “Whilst a certain amount of business can be done remotely, there is nothing like being there in person to properly learn from an experience. From hospital visits through to university meetings, trade and marketing meetings and regional authorities, we all benefitted hugely from this trip.

“If not making personal links, there are always strategic things to observe, or new projects on the horizon. You simply don’t hear about these things if you’re not there! We definitely managed to reinforce the work of The BCA and how potentially useful we can be.”

Whilst all the visits proved more than useful, the highlight of their mission was visiting the Expo Jamaica 2016 trade show, billed as ‘the standard bearer of excellence, innovation and the perfect platform to showcase the very best of Jamaican-made’. From ice cream to crochet makers and pharmaceuticals, hundreds of industries were represented – creating multiple opportunities for networking and future business with The BCA.

Whilst there, the delegation even met up with Sir Lenny Henry, who was out there preparing for his inaugural appearance as King Lear.

“Lenny is a fantastic ambassador for the Midlands,” says Wade, “so it was fantastic to bump into him again and see a fellow Jamaican enjoying success in his home country. A wonderful example of how, when you have a strong product, export and import can work on both sides.”

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