The Jamaica Carnival

As everyone knows, Jamaicans love any excuse for a good party, but after the Easter celebrations, the perception is that everything falls a bit ‘flat’ for a while. Well – believe it no more! There’s a fantastic ‘Jamaica Carnival’ that’s held every year, just after Easter. The idea is that you leave lent behind and party in a HUGE way! As the website says, ‘it’s the chance to see the carnival from the point of view of Jamaicans who only hit the road to party!’

The festival’s roots began in 1989 with a group of revellers who had been making the annual trek to the Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, the carnival capital. However, after Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, and the 1989 election, the trip to Trinidad was cancelled, and the idea to bring the carnival to Jamaica was formed.

Jamaica carnival was an instant success, and year on year, it has grown to incorporate new features. Now, the main contributing groups have combined for autonomy, to form Bacchanal Jamaica.

The festival is non-stop – and offers a chance to buy costumes, watch parades, enjoy DJs and live where soca (calypso music). There are parades by day and night, and more food than you can entertain. It’s literally where people go to let go – of their worries, their inhibitions, their work and their daily lives. It’s a MASSIVE event and if you can make it, then you’ll have something to talk about for years to come!

Information can be found on the following sites (always check for updates)…