Spicy Veg Jamaican Pattie Now Available at Sainsbury’s!

We’re overjoyed to share some mouth-watering news with our pattie fans! Our Spicy Veg Pattie has found a new home on the shelves of Sainsbury’s alongside our core range in the World Foods section. The Spicy Veg Jamaican Pattie is a heartwarming fusion of mixed vegetables encased in a soft, flaky pastry, made like the colour of sunshine!

Jamaican Flavours For All

Spicy Veg Jamaican Pattie

Our [Spokesperson], couldn’t contain their excitement about this blossoming partnership with Sainsbury’s.

They remarked, “This is a giant leap in presenting our unique, authentic Jamaican flavours to a broader spectrum of food lovers. We are confident that the Spicy Veg Jamaican Pattie will be loved by everyone that tries it.

Hunting for a quick meal that doesn’t compromise on flavour?
The Spicy Veg Pattie is your go-to choice. The perfect choice for an on the go snack as it can be enjoyed hot or cold!

Discover More of Our Range

For more insights on Island Delight and our array of products, head over to our product page. Your quest for authentic Jamaican cuisine in the UK ends here, with a heartwarming line up of patties.

Take a moment to share this exciting news with your food-loving friends and spread the joy of discovering new flavours at Sainsbury’s. The aisles are brimming with the promise of a culinary adventure!

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