Island Delight Jamaican Patties: Authentic Caribbean Flavour in Every Bite

Discover the very essence of Jamaican street food with Island Delight’s authentic caribbean flavour. A popular choice in Jamaican snacks, our patties bring the genuine flavour of the Caribbean to the UK.

Why do Island Delight Patties Stand Out?

Island Delight’s Jamaican patties are a staple in Caribbean patties, blending the rich traditions of Jamaican street food with the finest ingredients:

Authentic Jamaican Recipes

As the leading Jamaican Pattie company in the UK, our recipes have been perfected over many years, ensuring a taste that is truly authentic.

High-Quality Ingredients

Moreover, our dedication to quality makes us the preferred Jamaican Pattie brand, ensuring each bite delivers a burst of Caribbean zest.

Variety to Savour

Furthermore, from our classic beef to our tempting vegetable and from flaky pastry to shortcrust pastry patties, there’s a flavour for everyone.

Quality You Can Trust

In addition, with our Jamaican Pattie production held to the highest standards at our BRC AA + rated site, quality is a given.

Dive Deep into the World of Jamaican Patties

  • History & Origin: Jamaican patties are not just a delicacy; they’re a part of the Jamaican cultural fabric, inspired by the Cornish pasty yet uniquely Caribbean.
  • Our Secret: What makes our Island Delight patties special? It’s our unwavering commitment to authentic Jamaican flavours and our position as a leading Jamaican Pattie wholesaler.
  • Serving Suggestions: Whether you’re hosting a gathering and need party patties or simply want a hearty snack, learn the best ways to enjoy your Caribbean Pattie.


“Every bite takes me back to the streets of Jamaica. Island Delight truly understands Jamaican snacks.” – Dwayne, Birmingham

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Authentic Caribbean Flavour

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