Reducing Our Carbon Footprint at Island Delight

Island Delight is a Jamaican-founded company specialising in the production of Jamaican patties. Formed in 1988, our company has continuously expanded over the years. We are now proud to account for most of the UK patties market.

Island Delight was born out of a love of Jamaican culture and cuisine. The company was founded by Wade Lyn, who moved from Jamaica to the UK and quickly missed the tantalising flavours of Caribbean cuisine. After discovering a gap in the market for Jamaican treats, Island Delight was formed.

As a company we are incredibly proud of the growth we have achieved. Our patties are sold in most UK supermarkets and are enjoyed by thousands of people all over the country. However, despite evolving from a small business to a large one, the values of our company still remain, particularly when it comes to the Island Delight carbon footprint.

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Carbon Footprints for Businesses

Carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions are quickly becoming a priority for businesses in the UK. Whether it’s for moral or legal reasons, a growing number of businesses are being encouraged to consider their carbon footprints. As well as, execute strategies that aim to reduce them.

From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, in today’s world, sustainability has become a key aspect to consider in our everyday lives. As consumers and employees demand a more sustainable way of operating a business, more and more companies are adapting to more environmentally friendly business practices. Reducing carbon output can help slow down global warming due to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

We recognise the urgency and importance of businesses taking responsibility and accountability for their environment. In addition, we are proud to have implemented a series of different strategies to tackle the Island Delight carbon footprint. Working with BITC as part of the West Midlands Board, we are able to discuss what businesses like ours need to do to be able to thrive responsibly, focusing majorly on sustainability.

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What We Use and How We Dispose of It

Due to the unique nature of some of the ingredients we use, it’s not possible to source all of the ingredients for Island Delight patties locally. However, where possible, we do our very best to support other local independent businesses. Not only does this mean we are investing money back into our local economy, but it also means we can keep our food miles down. Additionally, we take great care to recycle as much of our rubbish as possible – even when it comes to food waste and consumables.

Sustainable Energy

Solar power is a great renewable energy source. It doesn’t cause any pollution or damaging emissions and is therefore good for the planet. At Island Delight, we have solar panels fitted and as a result have been able to reduce the amount of fossil fuels we are using as a company. Two of our cars – for the primary use of the Directors’ – are electric. This means we are reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Our next step is to ensure our vans are all electric too. A move we are excited to make once the range of electric vans available meets the needs of the business.

One Move at a Time

Island Delight is excited to implement new strategies to continue reducing our carbon footprint. If you’d like to find out more about our plans, explore our website today. Otherwise, call 0121 551 2772 to speak to a member of our team.

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