ACLC African Caribbean Leadership Event

Supporting the local African Caribbean community

ACLC African Caribbean Leadership Company is a London based charity organisation supporting the local African Caribbean community. Founded in June 1975, it provides education, health and social welfare services, as well as cultural activities for young people and their families.

Next play organised by ACLC Cultural Committee

Bob Marley and the Wailing Kids is the title of the next play organised by ACLC Cultural Committee. This family orientated musical brings awareness to the children born in this country, their roots and fascinating stories. The event is to take place on Sunday 17th April and will also include fund-rising for the West Indian Cultural Centre.

Cleone Foods Support

Cleone Foods is proud to support such great initiative by donating our delicious Island Delight patties to the event.
We hope to see all drama and patties lovers at the West Indian Cultural Centre on 17th April.

For tickets and more information, call Lorna on 07948320299 or 0208 881 5581

ACLC African Caribbean Leadership Event Island Delight