It’s National Jamaican Patty Day!

Everyone knows Jamaicans love an opportunity to party. And if there’s no reason, then someone will invent one. And we reckon that’s how National Jamaican Patty Day came about, celebrated far and wide on the first Saturday of August, since 2015.

In actuality, the day was proposed by one of the island’s bakeries, and the idea accepted by the Registrar at National Day Calendar. And so it’s become part of the annual calendar, from Jamaica through to the US and beyond. Events across the years have always included patties, drink, great music and a celebration of people and this year will no doubt be the same, wherever its being celebrated.

Staple Food

The patty has long been a staple food among Jamaicans, with its history and influences going back hundreds of years. From spices from the east, through to a taste of the Cornish pasty, it took on an identity of its own and became the perfect answer when a snack on the run was needed. But although it’s a quick treat, don’t under-estimate how fantastic the taste and flavour can be!

So with this in mind, August 5th 2017 is the date to put in the diary. Whether you’re a committed fan of the patty, or a first-timer, Island Delight has plenty to choose from.

If you love meat, we’ve got curried beef, chilli beef or Caribbean lamb. There are chicken options too (jerk chicken, Caribbean chicken), plus halal options and vegetarian/vegan too!

And there’s even more reason to celebrate this year, the event falls exactly the day before Jamaican Independence day, on the 6th August as well! If you start the party on Friday and see the weekend through in style, there’s probably enough time to sample our entire range! We really do try to please everyone, so look forward to your feedback soon!