National Curry Week

Celebrate National Curry Week with an Island Delight Pattie

It’s National Curry Week all across the UK and curry connoisseurs are enjoying every type of fragrant, spicy meal and snack they can get their hands on and we’re pretty sure that includes an Island Delight pattie or two.

National Curry Week brings the huge curry industry in the UK to life and has an event-packed calendar which includes everything from World Record attempts to Poppadom eating challenges and awards and celebrations of pubs and restaurants serving curries and curried food. Many fans of the curry take the week on as a challenge to try a different flavour every night and work in some brand new flavours to their regular curry repertoire.

Classic Indian Flavours

There are so many different types of curry available in the UK now that it’s not all about classic Indian flavours and there are curries from other cultures, from Thailand to the Caribbean coming into fashion and being enjoyed regularly as popular family meals.

At Island Delight we not only have our own Jamaican-spiced Curried Beef Pattie, we also have a range of Indian-inspired Asian style patties, to appeal to a more traditional curry lover. We stock both a Halal Lamb Keema Pattie and a Halal Chicken Tikka Pattie, both of which celebrate those classic Indian spiced flavours.

18th Year of National Curry Week

2015 is a celebration of 200 years of Indian restaurants in the UK and it is the 18th year the National Curry Week celebration has run. There are over 9000 British-Indian restaurants around the UK and beyond this there are many other companies, like our own, who add a little Asian-inspired flavour into our offering to give our customers a fusion experience of Indian flavours and a classic Jamaican snack food.

Each region of India and surrounding countries including Bangladesh and Pakistan has its own unique flavours and spices which it puts into its curries and the sheer diversity means that there is a flavour for everyone. In the UK curried dishes are quite different to the traditional flavours you’d find in South Asia as they’ve been given a British twist, much like our patties, which offer an Asian style spicing in every bite.